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June at the Farm Park

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Weddings, Lambs and Maizes

June was another busy month at the Farm Park (you might be seeing a pattern!)

We were delighted to welcome our first Farm Park birth with our new baby lamb. After a slightly traumatic birth for mother and me, our little lamb is both happy and healthy bouncing about the place. Not quite springtime but there's certainly a spring in its step!

On the subject of animals we had an unusual booking to take one of our Goats to a wedding at Quex Barn for an animal lover who was getting married that day. Our Goats loved meeting the guests but despite asking nicely were not allowed any wedding cake.

June also featured the cutting of the patterns into our Maize Mazes. We have our Maze professionally designed and than mapped out by GPS prior to cutting. This allows us to enjoy interesting, themed shapes for our large Maze. They look most impressive from the sky and we can't wait to open them this summer!


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