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About Us

What We Do

Here at Quex Adventure Farm park we combine farmyard fun with exciting outdoor play - the ideal family day out! Experience the great outdoors and immerse yourself in the adventure with our interactive farm experiences.


Who We Are

As a rapidly expanding family business, we take pride in creating exceptional family experiences for both our local community in Thanet and those travelling to us from further afield. We are passionate about providing enjoyable days out for the whole family, and we are dedicated to making every moment special.

Where We Are

Nestled within the breathtaking Quex Estate, Quex Adventure Farm park is surrounded by 1400 acres of vibrant farmland that grows a variety of crops including wheat, oilseed rape, potatoes, oats, fava beans and maize silage. So come and experience the beauty of the great outdoors and all that Quex Estate has to offer!

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