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Goat Walking

Join us for a leisurely stroll with our beautiful Anglo Nubian goats through the historic Quex Park - a stunning country estate of over 1,400 acres located on the beautiful Kent coast in Birchington-on-Sea. After the walk you'll be able to spend some personal time playing with your goat and learning more about these friendly and fascinating creatures. It's an experience that's sure to create lasting memories!


Our Goats

The Anglo-Nubian is a large goat, characterised by long legs, a markedly convex facial profile, and long pendulous lop ears. The Anglo-Nubian is one of the largest breeds of goat in the UK today.


The Route

Nestled in the grounds of The Quex Park Country Estate, our goat walks include some of the woodland areas of the estate in the tranquil Kent countryside.



Following the walk with your goat enjoy some quality time grooming and playing with your four legged friend. Learn about the Anglo-Nubian breed and how friendly goats can be!


for up to five people
walking one goat

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We did the goat walking experience and it was amazing!! We went for a lovely walk with the goats and then was able to play with them at the end. They are so affectionate and it was an amazing experience. Our guide  was also lovely which made the experience even better. Would recommend!

Facebook Review 2021

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