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Our Story

Hay Bale Paintball

In 2011, we started as a Paintball Site in a field at Quex Park. Initially made of Hay (until eaten by the horses we shared the field with) we had no permanent buildings, a tiny team and weekend opening. 


Our New Home

By 2014 we had moved Paintball to its current home but we were still just a Paintball site. No hint of children's play yet! We were also trying our hand at Nerf and Laser Tag.

The Elf Express is Born!

2015 was our first ever Elf Express in the round tower. Featuring a tractor ride and the Elf Tower where the little ones met Santa, who would have thought where the Elf Expressw would go!


Quex Adventure Golf

In 2016 we built and opened our 18 hole Mini Adventure Golf.

The Bouncing Pillow!

One of our most well know attractions is our large Bouncing Pillows. Our first was installed in 2017 and they remain popular to this day!


Toddler Pillow

Based on the sucsess of our big Bouncing Pillow, in 2018 we installed our Toddler Pillow for those under 5.

Our new Aviary

In 2019 we started to expand our animal area (and stock) with an Aviary full of interesting birds.


Trick or Treat Trail

In 2020 we introduced our legendary Trick or Treat trail which (not that we knew it at the time) sat alongside our last Quextreme Terror Adult Halloween.

A new name and the flock!

In 2021 we rebranded Quex Maize Maze and Field of Fun to Quex Adventure Farm Park. We also welcomed our flock of Goats and Sheep.

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