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Goat Bottle Feeding

Meet and feed our newest and most adorable farm park members - the Anglo Nubian Kids! These beautiful animals are a delight to be around and are sure to win your heart. Armed with a bottle of milk and a playful spirit, you'll have the opportunity to get up close and personal with these lovable creatures. So join us for a delightful encounter with our adorable Anglo Nubian Kids for an amazing experience you won't want to miss!

​Each ticket welcomes two people (including children) for a session lasting up to 25 minutes to bottle feed and play with our new baby goats. Each ticket includes 1 bottle to ensure the goats are not overfed. Tickets do not include Farm Park Access or the Bouncing Pillows. Instructions from the accompanying animal handler must be followed at all times for animal welfare reasons. The goats will drink their bottles very quickly which means sharing a bottle between more than one child is not advisable.

Please note this activity is not suitable for those who are pregnant.


Our Goats

The Anglo-Nubian is a large goat, characterised by long legs, a markedly convex facial profile, and long pendulous lop ears. Whilst our kids are very small, they will grow to be one of the largest goats in the UK.


£10 for 2 people & 1 bottle - Off Peak
£15 for 2 people & 1 bottle - Peak


Had a lovely time feeding the baby goats. Staff are all very nice and friendly.

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