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Muddy good fun!

It's time for some muddy good fun at Quex Adventure Farm Park! Get the kids ready this February half term for a week of adventure where they can swish swash, splash splosh and squelch squerch through a thrilling Nature Trail as they… you guessed it….go on an epic bear hunt!


Half Term

Add some excitement to your February Half Term with Muddy Good Fun included in your Quex Adventure Farm Park ticket price!


Splishy Sploshy Splash

It's going to be muddy so dust off your wellies for some splishy sploshy puddly fun!

(*We take no responsibility for the state of your toddler, car, house or street once they're finished with our puddles!)


Fun Nature Trail!

Hunt for Bears in our Nature Trail and conquer the natural obstacles found about the farm.



for a family of 4

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