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January at the Farm Park

A chance to catch our breath!

The Farm is quiet, the animals are tucked up nice and cosy in their barns and it’s a chance to prepare for the year ahead. Writing this I looked at last year’s January update and marvelled at all the construction we completed and new additions to the Farm Park. We certainly learnt our lesson from last year – the mud in January is horrific to complete construction in and we’re biding our time this year and waiting for brighter weather! I did scrape some of the mud out of the animal enclosures with a digger (it's always fun when we rent a mini digger...) but otherwise we'll be waiting for March to add our exciting 2023 additions.

Paintball and Airsoft are back and booking fast which has created a nice buzz at the weekends! The Farm Park is closed until February Half Term but we are looking forward to our Muddy Good Fun Bear Hunt which should be a really exciting edition to the holiday.

With not much more to say about January we look forward to seeing you back in a few weeks and hope you enjoy a rest at home!


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