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April at the Farm Park

Easter, Eggs and New Arrivals!

April has certainly been a busy month on the farm with the absolute highlight being our Bouncing Bunnies Easter Trail. An event at Easter is a new one for us and the first week of the Holidays (full of Snow, Ice and Rain) really highlighted why that is! We were very lucky indeed to enjoy fabulous weather for the second week of the holidays with a mini-heatwave while the Easter Event was running. With a tractor ride around the park, Bo-Peep's show and a Chocolate Shop full of Easter eggs, the park was full of happy and bouncing children.

Tickets will be on sale soon for next years Egg-celent Event and we can't wait to be out bouncing again.

We were also delighted to welcome our New Baby Goats (bottle feeding available here!) and Lambs. The sound of baby animals fills the air and we are back to mixing up milk several times a day. All of the animals are enjoying playing in the warmer weather as our grass springs back up around them. Our previous batch of Baby Goats have graduated to the Big-Goat enclosure and, much like a child moving to big school, they look very small compared to their friends who were last years babies. Rest assured, give it 12 months and they too will be huge! We will be starting to walk these goats with customers really soon and you can book your own goat walk here.

An animal of ours that has certainly had a growth spurt is our Saddle Back Pigs. An appropriate word to describe their current form is an absolute 'Unit'! They are becoming big, strong and boisterous boys which is making feeding time interesting to say the least. It is truly fascinating watching our animals grow and we are delighted to finally announce our Summer Season Pass so you can visit them as much as you like. You can find out more about this excellent offer here. If you visit us more than 5 times over the next four months then it pays for itself - a cracking offer.

May is looking to be a busy month too as we launch our Summer Mazes and the rest of the events for the year. Keep an eye on our website and social media for some sneak peaks of the exciting things to come! Don't forget we are still open every day for play and Toddler Farm is full of excitement every Tuesday and Thursday Morning.

We hope to see you soon!


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