Toddler Farm

Join Farmer Sarah in a fun-filled session, where your toddler can experience a day in the life of a farmer. Farmer Sarah will run 5 different sessions over the space of 5 weeks, where our mini farmers can have a fun, educational experience, combined with plenty of free play. From meeting all of our farm animals, arts and crafts, singing songs and a trip on our tractor and trailer to the local farm, Farmer Sarah will ensure that everyone has a farm-tastic time. 

Every Tuesday & Thursday from 10:00 to 11:30 followed by free-play in the Farm Park. 

Every child ticket (£12.50) includes 1 free adult! Book 4 sessions and get a 5th free.

Green Fields

Toddler Farm Programme


On The Farm

Meet The Tiny Farmers , Farmer Sarah Says, Farm Craft And Messy Play  


Wings And Beaks

Learn About All Of Our Feathered Friends On The Farm , Find A Feather To Use For Arts And Crafts, Sing Some Songs And Read Farmer Sarah’s Favourite Book  


What’s That Smell? 

Learn About The Pigs, Goats And Sheep On Our Farm, Mix Up Your Own Batch Of Food To Feed Our Goats, Play Some Games To Be Fit And Healthy Like The Animals 


Green And Growing

Learn About What We Grow At The Farm, And What You Can Grow At Home, Explore The Different Tastes Of Different Vegetables, Paint Your Own Farm Image With Your Favourite Vegetable  


Down To The Farm!

Learn About Big Farm Equipment By Using Small Toys, Head Down To The Local Farm On Our Tractor-Trailer To Meet The Farmer, Return To Our Farm To Play Some Games And Sing Some Songs