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Meet Our Furry Residents

Have you met the Farm Park Herd?

At Quex Adventure Farm Park you'll find all sorts of different animals from big and small to cute and cuddly just waiting for you to come and meet them! Take a leisurely stroll around the farm park and discover all our furry and feathered friends. If you're feeling adventurous, keep an eye on our daily activities schedule located at the farm park where you might just get a chance to get hands-on with our animals, or even assist our expert handler team with feeding them!

IMG_0650 2.HEIC


We have a variety of breeds of Goat on the farm with some you can walk or bottle feed too! Our goats love making new friends and have even been invited to a wedding! 



We have a few different breeds of Sheep on the farm. We breed our own lambs who join us in the Spring and bring new life to the farm!



Peppa & George are our resident 'Big Pigs' and we often have piglets squealing away too on the Farm. They might be muddy and a bit smelly but we love having them in the herd!



Matrix & Pheonix are our resident Shetland ponies who spend all day playing and getting into trouble. You may see them going for a walk about the farm!

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