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September at the Farm Park

Phew, Catching our Breath and Flags

Summer is over!!!!

September is like reaching the end of a marathon on the farm. As our little farmers sadly traipse back to school, our staff and animals can catch their breath following the six weeks of summer fun and excitement. With over 18500 people completing our Maize Maze, 1800 people walking our beautiful goats and over 3500 scoops of ice-cream it was certainly a busy (and *very* hot) summer!

September is also the start of our build up (and literal build) of our Halloween and Christmas events. Our Trick or Treat Trail is bigger and spookier than ever this year with some exciting surprises and new additions to the trail.

We were really sad to learn of the death of Queen Elizabeth II and immediately rushed to lower the Farm Park Flags to half-mast. Unfortunately, this proved more difficult than expected, one thing led to another, and we were joined early the next morning by an 80-foot Cherry Picker in torrential pouring rain. We are used to rain on the Farm, but this particular storm rivalled the film 2012 and Noah’s Ark. I have never been so wet.

We are excited for Halloween and Christmas now seems to be creeping closer than ever!


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