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May at the Farm Park

A,B,C – Archery, Bees and Charity

May was another busy month on the Farm. The first hints of a hot summer embraced the South East of England and we enjoyed both fabulous sunshine and the occasional heavy rain shower. This was good news for our Maize Maze that has popped up nicely and is growing away ready to be enjoyed in the Summer.

Jamie, our Activities Co-Ordinator, requalified with Archery GB and our Archery programme has never been busier. We are regularly running short ‘Have a Go’ sessions as well as longer experiences at the weekend. Tickets are available here and I would recommend channelling your inner Robin Hood and having a go!

An unexpected turn was a swarm of local bees taking up residence in our Goat enclosure whilst moving their Queen. This fascinating, if not concerning, display reminds us of the importance of the bees on the farm – pollinating the crops – and we were pleased to see them safely relocated by a local beekeeper.

On Saturday 21st May the help Ukraine event was held at Quex Park. An amazing line-up of people got together to raise money for charities helping Ukrainians now living in the UK and Ukraine. With blue skies and sunshine the atmosphere was soon buzzing at this charity fundraising event hosted in the delightful Quex Barn gardens and across the park. You can find out more on the Quex Park website here! We were delighted to donate tickets to our events and attractions as well as helping to decorate the park.

Our Maize Mazes have now also been announced and are on-sale for the summer here! We can’t wait to see you at the farm soon.


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