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Adopt the Flock!

Our new furry friend adoption program means you’ll be an important part of keeping our animals safe and well. Your sponsorship will contribute to the welfare of all our amazing animals on site. Animal adoption is a great present for adults and children alike or just to help support our furry friends.


With a choice between our Physical or Digital package, animal adoption is the perfect gift for loved ones. Both packages include seasonal updates regarding your animals to stay on top of our animal news throughout the year.


You adopt the entire herd of animals for one year and not just one specific furry friend, so there’s plenty to see when you visit! Please ensure you confirm on checkout which name you want the certificate to be in. Your ticket(s) will be emailed (if Digital package) or posted out (for Physical package) – but you do need to book in advance before you visit us and your adopted animals.


Adopting an animal makes a real difference. Whichever species you choose, please remember: by adopting one animal at Quex Adventure Farm Park, you’re helping them all.



Our 1-year Digital Adoption package includes:

  • A Digital Named Certificate

  • A Digital Photo Card of your chosen animal

  • One Free Day Ticket voucher code sent by email to come and say hello to your favourite animals!

  • A Digital Animal Fact Card

  • Seasonal Updates by Email


Our 1-year Physical Adoption package includes:

  • A Printed Named Certificate

  • A Printed Photo Card of your chosen animal

  • Two Free Day Tickets to come and say hello to your favourite animals!

  • A Printed Animal Fact Card

  • A Soft Toy

  • Seasonal Updates by Email

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