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July at the Farm Park

Pirate Summer, IceBlast and Sheep Shearing

July was our start of the hot summer and our Maize Maze season. This year with the themes Pirate Summer and Farmyard, the Mazes were raring to go. We were also really excited to finally receive our new Tango Ice Blast Machine to help stay cool this summer. With both Tango Ice Blast and Slushy Jacks available, there really is a slush for all!

At the start of July we were also available to secure the services of a local sheep-shearer (we have to wait as with just six sheep we are not top of the shearing list!) You can see our Sheep Sheering video on our new TikTok (@quexadventurefarmpark) and it’s a fascinating process. I was certainly glad we booked the expert as it was not as easy as it looks!

Finally on 22nd July we entered peak season and the Cheeky Pirate Chickens Tractor Ride started up and the Maize Mazes opened. New this year is the Enchanted Nature Trail where you can explore the miniature world of the fairies and pixies. Also new is Buccaneers Bootcamp where you can learn from our Pirate to be your very own commander of the high seas!

We can’t wait to see you this summer at Quex Adventure Farm Park!


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