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Pygmy Goat Bottle Feeding

Goat Bottle Feeding is back and it’s smaller and cuter than ever!

Meet and feed our newest and our most adorable ever farm park members – our Pygmy Goats! They’re tiny and bouncy and just delightful. Armed with a bottle of milk and a playful spirit, you'll have the opportunity to get up close and personal with these lovable creatures. So, join us for a delightful encounter with our adorable Pygmy Kids for an amazing experience you won't want to miss!

And no, you can’t take one home with you!

Each ticket welcomes two people (including children) for a session lasting up to 30 minutes to bottle feed and play with our new tiny baby goats. Each ticket includes 1 bottle to ensure the goats are not overfed and to avoid overcrowding in their enclosure. Tickets do not include Farm Park Access or the Bouncing Pillows. Instructions from the accompanying animal handler must be followed at all times for animal welfare reasons. The goats may drink their bottles very quickly which means sharing a bottle between more than one child is not advisable. The goats have strict feeding times so late comers cannot be accommodated and will not be refunded.

​Please note this activity is not suitable for those who are pregnant.


Our Goats

The Pygmy is a British breed of dwarf goat. It is small, compact and generally stockily built. It was established in the 1980s by fusion of the various miniature goat populations of the United Kingdom into a single breed. They are cute, fun and a delight to visit and play with!


£10 for 2 people & 1 bottle - Off Peak
£15 for 2 people & 1 bottle - Peak


Had a lovely time feeding the baby goats. Staff are all very nice and friendly.

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